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Located at Salt Lake City, the corporate hub of West Bengal. M EDUCORPO offers you an excellent opportunity to grow professionally. Basically, a corporate training centre, but we also provide placement assistance in various sectors including banking, IT, manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, retail etc.

M Educorpo plays a vital role in the society by providing free education to the underprivileged and giving education to all at a very low cost.

M Educorpo provides excellent training facilities to our students or aspirants. We provide an opportunity for candidates who have merits or talents to prove their abilities in the open forum. We are such organization who educate people about the technique and process of the corporate society and guide them towards the corporate door. We provide training in different sectors, to make students expertise in their chosen field and pursue their dream.


Mission: Dedicated to providing the highest quality education and training, in order to affect the society at large.
Vision: To be the Premier source of education, training and placement institute in our country.
Values: We commit to:
  • * Honesty, Integrity and Transparency
  • * Respect for the Individual and Environment
  • * Innovation & Creativity
  • * Teamwork, Co-ordination
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M Educorpo has team of highly qualified trainers having 4+ years of Corporate experience who provide outstanding hands-on training and real-time corporate examples. Besides this we also conduct exercises, assignments, technical tests, projects and practical sessions.

Our resources are competent, committed and reflective professionals as we engage in outstanding education. We are involved in continuous learning which is necessary in this rapidly advancing world, to help in the education for all students, and using technology to broaden and support learning.

More than theories, they are focused in teaching tested and practical methods for exploring your profession. Yes, they are more than teachers; they are mentors - friends, philosophers and guides.


Our Teachers co-operate to create an effective learning environment for the candidates as we strive to ensure that you get the best and contemporary environment to learn. We encourage innovation and creativity in ourselves and our students. Our training program is designed in such a manner so that the students enjoy as well as learn at the same time.


We believe that the influence of a good teacher can inspire a reluctant or discouraged learner to persevere and succeed. Getting to know a student can enable you to provide insight into a student's individual learning style, apply motivation strategies and provide positive feedback that encourages the student. So, we create interesting lessons with real-time applications that provide a positive and effective learning environment.

In our daily class work, we include:

1. Random selection of topics, sometimes the headlines of a newspaper, and open and unorthodox discussion on them.
2. Information about major national and international financial events.
3. Viewing online lectures by financial stalwarts.
4. Motivation classes.
5. Reading from biographies of leading economists and financial giants.


Learn & Earn

We ensure to offer the highest quality of training with real-time scenarios and soft skills. We also provide in-demand certification courses which will help them in getting jobs in today’s market place. We have specifically designed training programs to suit candidates from various backgrounds and skill sets. We have a programme to suit your requirement even if you are new to the industry.

M Educorpo is committed not only to offer the highest quality training but also to offer the best career opportunities. Our Recruitment Team helps students for soft skills development and interview preparation. We offer CV building workshops, interview preparation sessions, Group discussion exercises, Mock interview practices etc.

M Educorpo believes in building its own brand by shaping careers of its students with all possible professional help. We believe each student has unique potential and thus requires different developmental approach. Hence, we do not just focus on providing right knowledge but guide them towards their applications.


We regularly organize events/seminars/symposiums to encourage our students. Our events are a concerted team-effort to introduce the freshers to the alumni and thereby build a bridge of effective communication between the past and the present. These functions are usually held in various halls of the city on holidays to attract maximum participation.